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New Student Checklist

Post-Master's Certificate LIS Student Checklist Spring 2017

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Post-Master's Certificate Program Students Checklist
Before the semester begins

Bookmark the iSchool Curriculum Center for regular updates on enrollment dates and course offerings.

Note: You can subscribe to an RSS feed (see RSS explained) to receive the latest iSchool Curriculum Center updates as they occur.

Update your home computing environment to meet the standards required by the school.
Obtain your class textbooks. About six weeks before classes begin, you will be able to find out what textbooks (if any) are required for your classes.
Read your course syllabus. Syllabi will be available no less than two weeks prior to the first day of class. You may be able to access your course syllabus early to find out how the course will be run, what the assignments are, etc. If your class isn't linked yet, you can check again at a later date, or you can look for your instructor's course in a previous semester.
Watch the News and Happenings sections of our School home page to see what students and faculty are up to.

Access to and fees
Once admitted, you will have access to The School will request from you your career pathway selection and email you the name and contact information for your Faculty Advisor. You may contact your advisor for course planning assistance. You will be sent an email with information on how to complete a web form to request class permission numbers to use for class registration on the MySJSU site. Once you have registered, you will need to pay the fees for the classes: $474 a unit. Locate payment deadlines in the "Finances" section of your MySJSU Student Center Web page. Fees will be due within 21 days of enrollment. Pay your fees on time or your classes will be automatically dropped. A late fee of $25 will be applied by the Bursar if you have to add a class late -- on the first day of instruction or after, up until the add deadline.

Note: The courses in this program are difficult and require substantial work and time. The course workload is normally three hours per unit per week with one of the hours used for lecture. Some courses may require more time depending on the complexity of the material. Most students carry between one to three courses per semester. Other obligations such as work and family should be carefully considered when deciding how many courses to take. Dropping classes after the deadlines can be problematic and expensive. We recommend that you be conservative in the number of classes you take during your first semester.

Your Canvas account will be activated by the university after registering for your classes and before the start of your INFO 203 course. Complete the Getting Started with Canvas Guide link goes to non-SJSU web site in order to prepare for the semester.

All students will be enrolled in the Certificate Students Advising and Resource Center Canvas course site, your "home room" for administrative processes, enrollment announcements, and other resources.

Note: Some instructors do not use Canvas. In that case you will be added to whichever platform is in use.

Complete the Haven Plus: Understanding Sexual Assault requirement
All incoming graduate students must complete the federally mandated course, Haven Plus: Understanding Sexual Assault. It is a 45-minute online course. Check your MySJSU account for a message with instructions needed to complete the Haven Plus course. You MUST complete the course by the deadline given in the message to avoid having a hold placed on your fall 2017 registration by the university. This is a CSU and federal directive that is not administered in any way by the School of Information. Questions regarding your completion status with the Haven Plus requirement can be directed to:

INFO 203
All certificate options require INFO 203 (1 unit). You will be given the permission number to enroll yourself. The class begins on January 5. You are strongly encouraged to begin the class on this date and work to complete it well before the course deadline on February 23. More information about INFO 203 can be found here.
Obtain this semester's iSchool Restricted Materials login from your instructor.