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Security & Access

This tutorial will walk you through the process of signing into GSS as a new user or to get a new password if you forget yours.

Step One in GSS Security and Access TutorialNew User Notification Email

New users will receive an email containing their login name for the GSS system.

When you receive this information, follow the link to the GSS portal login page:

 Step Two in GSS Security and Access TutorialInitiate Password Reset

At the GSS login page, new users must click the "Forgot Password" link:

Enter the username provided in the notification email and your email address. (This must be the same email address to which the notification email was sent.) Then click the "reset" button:


The page will notify you that your request has been processed and that an email has been sent to you:

You will receive an email from the iSchool Webmasters account with a temporary password (it's a good idea to add this account to your favorites as all notifications arrive from it):

Step Three in GSS Security and Access TutorialCreate Permanent Password

Return to the GSS login page. Enter your username and temporary password and click the "login" button:


The system will notify you that your password is temporary, and will prompt you to create a permanent password. Follow the instructions and click the "update" button:

If the password reset is successful, you will receive the message "profile update good." Click "ok" to proceed:

Congratulations! You are now logged into the GSS system:

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