WebData Pro Tutorials

WebData Pro is a web-based database management and information retrieval system. LIBR 202 students will use WebData Pro, either individually or as part of a group, to create databases, manage database structure and records, and create a Web-based search interface for querying the database.

LIBR 289 e-Portfolio students may also use work done in WebData Pro as evidence in their e-Portfolio.

WebData Pro Tutorials  
Create Your Instance Of WebData Pro
Covers how to log in and how to create your database.
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Create Your Database Table And Define Your Fields
Covers how to create and name your database table and fields.
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Add Records To Your Database
Covers how to add records to your database.
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Modifying Or Deleting Records In Your Database
Covers how to modify and delete records.
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Create A Query/Search Page For Your Database
Covers how to create a query/search page layout.
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Allowing Others To Add Records To Your Database
Covers how to allow other individuals or groups to add records.
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Multi-Value Fields
Covers how to create fields which can include multiple values.
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Search Operators
Covers search logic and fulltext indexing.
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Additional Instructions For Important Tasks
Covers additional tasks including: validation lists, term/keyword indexing, displaying all records, printing out the structure, exporting records, backing up, batch importing, and uploading images.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to known issues and common problems. (Section in Progress)
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Technical Support
For technical issues or questions, please complete and submit the Tech Support Form.
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