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Course Web Pages - Fall 2012 - LIBR 246-06/15 Greensheet - Mining Tools

LIBR 246
Text/Data/Web Mining for LIS
Mining Tools

Dr. Geoffrey Z. Liu

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Disclaimer: The inventory of mining software systesms/tools below may not be up to date, and some items may no longer be accessible. None of the systems/tools listed here has been checked or tested, thus use at your own risk.

4cDATA --- 4cData is one of the leading companies that develops state-of-the-art knowledge discovery and data mining tools for Windows 95/98/NT/2000 platforms.


Acxiom --- Acxiom creates and delivers customer and information management solutions. Acxiom builds and maintains some of the world`s largest databases in the world for clients in the Financial Services, Automotive, Media, Technology, Telecommunications, Retail and


Advanced Software --- ASA delivers analytics and decisioning solutions that enable companies to gain predictive intelligence and efficiently deploy decisions throughout their organization.


Alterian Ltd --- Alterian is a global provider of marketing and customer insight solutions which enable businesses to improve the effectiveness of marketing activity through sophisticated customer insight.


Altum --- Altum is a professional services company that helps federal agencies and commercial companies leverage information technology to solve problems and maximize business performance.


Alyuda Research, Inc. --- Neural network software for data mining, forecasting, stock market prediction, pattern recognition, trading


Attar Software --- Expert Systems, Data Mining and the authors of XpertRule Knowledge Based Systems software. Specialists in Knowledge Management, Genetic Algorithms and Fuzzy Logic.


BayesiaLab --- BAYESIA: Bayesian Networks and Data Mining Tools - The Power of Bayesian Networks


BCI Knowledge Group --- BCI Group is made up of three entities incorporated in the State of New Jersey , that work in conjunction with and complement one another to provide a full range of process-based transformation services, customized software solutions and knowledge integration and training services to business enterprises with a global presence.


Bigants --- bigants is a company based in Bangalore, India .


BioComp --- BioComp Systems is your source for artificial intelligence based data mining, prediction and optimization solutions


BrainMaker --- California Scientific BrainMaker Neural Network Software. Predict forecast classify diagnose pattern market stock bond commodity future business medical marketing manufacture process control


ClearForest --- The leader in solutions for data mining and text mining, knowledge management and document management, business intelligence and decision support systems.


Cymfony --- Cymfony is a market intelligence and media analysis company, providing real-time media measurement and custom reporting.


The Data Mining Group --- The Laboratory for Advanced Computing develops technologies for high performance computing, high performance networking, internet computing, data mining and related areas.


Data Shaping Solutions --- Data Shaping Solutions, LLC, specializes in managing complex statistical problems and shaping data into actionable conclusions. We design proprietary statistical strategies for the stock market. We also customize innovative solutions for advertising technology, web site auditing, business intelligence, fraud detection, web robots and cryptography.


Data Miner Software Kit --- Data-Miner Software Kit consists of routines for predictive data mining. Runs under Unix, Windows 9x/2000/XP or Certified 100% Pure Java. Includes classical and state-of-the-art prediction methods.


Data4s Future Technologies --- PINPOINT Solutions from DATA4s


DataEngine --- DataEngine is a software tool for data mining in which fuzzy rule based systems, fuzzy clustering, decision trees, neural networks and neural-fuzzy systems are offered in combination with conventional techniques like mathematics, statistics and signal


Decision Team --- The new opportunity for searching information about artificial intelligence in the petroleum industry


DecisionMaker --- making decisions based on massive database.


DecisionQ --- DecisionQ has developed a unique application called FasterAnalytics. This solution allows users to make decisions based on predictive analytics, or what is likely to happen, instead of simply descriptive analytics (i.e. OLAP tools), which describes what did happen.


Direct Insite --- delivers B2B Electronic invoices and payments around the world with National Language Support, Common Currency, Local Calendar and Global Payment functionality


DM-II --- CBA is a data mining tool developed at School of Computing , National University of Singapore.


DTREG --- DTREG generates classification and regression trees.


Will Dwinnell --- Dwinnell Consulting --- Elytics is a leading provider of online analytics that help organizations effectively measure ROI. Elytics Analysis Suite helps reduce the cost of operations, improve performance and customer satisfaction and dramatically increases revenue generation acti


eNeuralNet --- eNeuralNet offers an award-winning, artificial intelligence technology designed to discover relationships within disparate data and make the knowledge accessible to even the most novice user - automatically.


Enterprise Miner --- SAS Enterprise Miner streamlines the entire data mining process from data access to model deployment by supporting all necessary tasks within a single, integrated solution, all while providing the flexibility for efficient workgroup collaborations.


Exclusive Ore Inc. --- Exclusive Ore is a consulting group specializing in data mining.


Future Route Predictive Analytics --- iHex Predictive Analytics technology intelligently models and matches information by thousands of variables making results more accurate.


Group 1 Software --- As it evolved from a product-centric organization to a customer-focused enterprise, Emerson Process Management required technology that could enhance its knowledge about the customers and partners of its global sales and manufacturing divisions.


IBM Knowledge Management Solutions --- IBM DB2 Business Intelligence software for data warehousing and data mining provides a fast, scaleable database, integrated, easy-to-use data warehousing tools to get started quickly, and industry leading analytical tools


IBM"s Intelligent Miner Family --- The DB2 Intelligent Miner Family helps you identify and extract high-value business intelligence from your business data.


Inforsense --- To handle the ever-growing complex information environment, you need a way to access and integrate all your data and software applications;


Insightful --- Statistics and data mining software by Insightful: Powerful, usable statistics and data mining solutions for Windows and Linux PCs and UNIX workstations.


Intelli mine --- Intelli-Mine


InterLeap Inc. --- InterLeap® system for Windows is the ultimate solution for effective data analysis. It displays your multi-dimensional data structures in dynamically linked tables and graphs which can be exploited for details, inserted into reporting writing software, and reused with more data.



KDnuggets --- Data Mining, Web Mining, Analytics, Knowledge Discovery


Knowledge Extraction Engines --- KXEN provides a suite of software components to embed advanced analytics into existing enterprise applications and business processes.


KnowledgeMiner --- KnowledgeMiner is a data mining tool that enables anyone to use its unique form of modeling to quickly visualize new possibilities. It is an artificial intelligence tool designed to easily extract hidden knowledge from data.


Magnify, Inc. --- Magnify provides a unique combination of technology and expertise that reduces the time, cost, and difficulty of implementing advanced analytic, targeting, and decisioning capabilities - particularly for large, complex, and disparate data sets.


Marketswitch --- Marketswitch Corporation is the global leader and industry standard in True Optimization for Enterprise Marketing. TRUE Suite is a cross-channel software solution that allows companies to realize each customer's maximun value. It does this by using true m


Mars --- Introducing MARS, a new high-speed predictive modeling solution that provides superior forcasting accuracy


MathWorks --- The MathWorks is the world‘s leading developer of technical computing software for engineers and scientists in industry, government, and education.


Megaputer --- Megaputer offers data mining, text mining, and web data mining software tools for e-commerce, database marketing, and CRM; seminars, training and consulting on data mining. Customer


Miner3D --- 3D Web navigation, visual datamining and data analysis software


MiningMachines --- we specialize in helping organisations develop and implement intelligent systems based on state-of-the-art machine learning and data-mining techniques


Mnemonic Technology --- Software that makes information valuable.


Mobile and Distributed Data Mining --- AGNIK, LLC


Model and Mine --- Model + Mine is Dorian Pyle's website, devoted to data mining, modeling and analytical CRM. Dorian wrote the industry-standard Data Preparation for Data Mining.


Motecristo Data Mining --- Líder global dentro de la industria llantera. Desarrollo, producción y comercialización de neumáticos, para auto, camioneta, camión, agricultura, avión, dos ruedas y mueve tierra así como mapas y guías de viaje.


The National Center for Data Mining --- The Laboratory for Advanced Computing develops technologies for high performance computing, high performance networking, internet computing, data mining and related areas.


Nautilus Systems --- Nautilus Systems, Inc. delivers business consulting services focused on data mining. We provide clients with insights from information revealed from data.


Neusciences --- Neusciences has been providing advanced analytic solutions for over 10 years.


Norkom Global --- Norkom Technologies


Partek Incorporated --- Partek Inc. - Pattern Recognition Software for microarray gene expression analysis, drug design, high throughput screening, life science and engineering


PolyAnalyst --- Megaputer offers data mining, text mining, and web data mining software tools for e-commerce, database marketing, and CRM; seminars, training and consulting on data mining. Customer


PolyVista, Inc. --- PolyVista HomePage _The Simple Way To Analyze Data


Process Management with Temporal Data Mining --- Welcome to TeleInsight


QL2 --- Web mining and unstructured data management solutions to support Business Activity Monitoring, Competitive Intelligence, Business Intelligence, and Knowledge Management applications


Quadstone, Ltd. --- Quadstone supplies agile customer analysis software to large, customer-facing organizations to help them understand and therefore more profitably influence their customers' behavior.


Raptor International --- Raptor is revolutionising data understanding by bring sophisticated artificial intelligence software to the desktop of all decision makers.


Report Miner --- We are pleased to announce the availablity of our Report Miner Version 2 offering support for files created using Crystal Reports Version 9.0 (and all prior versions). In addition, Report Miner 2.0 offers the ability to create a database of all reporting elements, offering you unlimited reporting capabilities!


RuleQuest Research --- RuleQuest Research produces state-of-the-artknowledge discovery and data mining software tools for Unix and Windows 98/Me/2000/XP.


Sagarmatha --- Sagarmatha utilizes data mining software to provide automated data mining systems and solutions.


Salentica Systems Inc. --- Providing Customer Relationship Management solutions that meet the needs of financial service firms built around Microsoft CRM


Salford Systems --- Salford Systems offers advanced data mining and discrete choice software and consulting services, including CART decision trees and MARS regression.


Scientio --- Welcome to Scientio.


Searchspace --- Anti Money Laundering and Fraud Detection software from Searchspace


Slice And Dice Data --- At SliceAndDiceData we can derive nearly any information that you can conceive of, in record time - from your customer account data or US census data.


Smart Research BV --- SMART Research B.V. Prediction Models, Data Mining, Neural Networks


Speedware --- Speedware Corporation - Home


SPSS --- Predictive analytics helps organizations draw reliable conclusions about current conditions and future events, leading to increased ROI across the enterprise. Using analytical applications, data mining, text mining, market research tools, and statistical


Statistica --- StatSoft's flagship product line is the STATISTICA suite of analytics software products. STATISTICA provides the most comprehensive array of data analysis, data management, data visualization and data mining procedures.


STATISTICA UK --- The StatSoft Web site features a detailed information about the highest rated data analysis, data mining and quality control software - STATISTICA --- A searchable database of statistical information and data sources on the internet. Offers comprehensive information about free and commercial statistics software as well as about statistics analysis, data analysis and short courses in statistics.


StatSoft --- StatSoft's flagship product line is the STATISTICA suite of analytics software products. STATISTICA provides the most comprehensive array of data analysis, data management, data visualization and data mining procedures.


Stone Timber River --- Stone Timber River


Stratify --- Stratify - Unstructured Data Management Solutions - Legal eDiscovery - KM


Tennyson Maxwell Information Systems, Inc. --- Tennyson Maxwell Information Systems, Inc: The Internet is Your Database(SM). Comprehensive scanning of the Internet for information relevant to your business.


thinkAnalytics --- thinkAnalytics


Thinkmap --- Thinkmap, Inc. develops and markets software that uses visualization to facilitate communication, learning, and discovery. We specialize in user interfaces and visualization mechanisms that allow end-users to more effectively browse and understand complex


Torrent Systems --- Ascential Software Corporation is the leader in enterprise data integration. Customers and partners worldwide recognize us as the premier provider of comprehensive, end-to-end solutions that help businesses confidently transform data into accurate, reliab


Two Crows --- Details on 26 different data mining products, from 24 vendors.


Unica Corporation --- Unica provides award-winning enterprise marketing management solutions for innovative companies


Visual Analytics Inc. --- VAI - Visual Analytics is a leading provider of visual data mining, link analysis, information sharing, and collaboration technology and services.


Visual Insights --- ADVIZOR Solutions had analytic business intelligence, data visualization tools and software. Our visualization technology go beyond traditional text, table and graphical data representations. Our executive dashboards and and performance scorecarding tools


Visual Insights Advizor --- Visual Insights data visualization software turns traditional web site visitor traffic behavior analysis, ecommerce performance statistics, reporting log and tracking tools, and clickstream analytics into visual reality with ebusiness performance manageme


Visual Numerics --- The leading provider of visualization, mathematics, analysis and network software solutions including PV-WAVE, JWAVE, TS-WAVE, IMSL, JNL, JMSL.


WebFountain --- IBM Research Almaden Research Center WebFountain


WEBSOM --- WEBSOM - A novel SOM-based approach to free-text mining


WizSoft --- Through its distributors, WizSoft markets its software to some 30,000 customers in varied businesses and institutions all over the world. WizSoft has 200 employees in eighteen sales and service branches.


XSB Inc. --- XSB, Inc. software solutions mine and transform unstructured information. The company's patent pending approach represents the convergence of ontologies and automated software agents.


Zinnote --- Best of Comdex product and awards are For Sale or Lease. Will consider any reasonable offer. Company For Sale and Investors wanted

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