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LIBR 280-01
LIBR 280-10
History of Books and Libraries
Spring 2010 Instructions

Linda Main
Office: Clark Hall 420B (San Jose)
Phone: (408) 924-2494
Office Hours:
Virtually by e-mail
Debbie Hansen
Office: PLS 275 (CSU Fullerton)
Phone: (714) 278-7288
Office Hours:
Virtually, by e-mail;
Telephone by appointment

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Technology Requirements and Instructions for Success

Please Read Carefully

This class is team taught by Linda Main and Debbie Hansen. Linda Main will be solely responsible for the first half of the class covering the history of books and early libraries; Debbie Hansen will be solely responsible for the second half of the class which focuses on American library history.

This class makes use of a variety of technologies, and you should not take the class if your computer and Internet access is not current and fast.

Class Format

This class is taught using the following delivery formats:

  1. Weekly Lectures.

    The lectures will be delivered in two modes:
    1. Via webcasting, which means they are delivered to your computer desktop. Lectures will be made available Tuesdays at 4 pm on a weekly basis following the class outline. So, for example, the first lecture will be available at 4pm on the 26th January; the second lecture at 4pm on the 2nd February, and so on. After release, the lectures will remain available for the duration of the course.
    2. Via podcasting. There will be two formats: audio and audio with video. For the audio any player that can handle mp3 will work. For the audio and video you will need a video ipod that handles m4v.

      Podcasting works as follows: We will make available an audio file and a file containing audio and video (in the appropriate formats). You download them to your computer and using appropriate software transfer them to your podcast device. The files—especially the combined video and audio—are large. So you will need a fast connection to get them downloaded to your computer.
    In order to watch the lectures you will need the following technologies and software:
    • DSL or cable modem or any kind of broadband connectivity to the Internet. There will be a lot of images. You will need DSL or cable modem speed to access them.
    • The latest free version of Real Player. You can obtain the free Real Player by going to:
      Please note:
      If using the latest Real Player - it opens in double size. Bring it back to the correct size as follows:
      • Go to the View menu
      • Select Zoom
      • Select Original Size
      Also if working on a MAC you will need to pull out the frame using the lower right window
    • The latest IE browser or the latest Firefox browser
    • The latest free Flash player:  in order to be able to listen to the weekly update sessions

  2. ANGEL.

    You are also required to join the LIBR 280 ANGEL site where you will find all course materials and discussion forums.

    The ANGEL site will open on the 25th January for you to enroll. In order to enroll you will need a password. A password will be sent to students registered in the class via the messaging system on the 24th January.


Exams will be on Angel.


Manuscript and Printed Books Assignments will be submitted as wikis using the School’s passworded wikidot software. Passwords to the school’s wikidot server will be sent on the 24th January.

The library history paper will be submitted as a Word document (2003 or 2007) in Angel. More detailed guidelines will be provided once the semester has started.