SJSU iSchool GSS Tutorials

Hints for Success!

  • Do not copy/paste content from Word, Excel, Googles Docs, or any other application.
    It can make the syllabus fail accessibility requirements. This is especially true for TABLES which cause many accessibility failures.
  • Use only Firefox or Chrome browsers; Microsoft products are not supported.
  • Use the application buttons, not the browser back and reload buttons (except in Preview mode).
  • Use shift-return to go to the next line if you do not want a new paragraph.
  • Use the logout button in the application.
  • Review step 1 for 2-Factor Authentication to understand the login process.
  • Review step 2 for Textbook Selection before beginning.
  • Look at approved Syllabi to get an idea of required content.
  • Check the changing GSS FAQ for answers to common inquiries.

Below are links to tutorials to assist iSchool faculty in the use of the Syllabus Self-Service application (GSS).

2-Factor Authentication
Tutorial on understanding HTPASSWD layer.
View Tutorial
Selecting Textbooks
Also when to combine syllabi and when not to combine disparate syllabi.
View Tutorial
Creating Syllabi
Using a past syllabus or a template.
View Tutorial
Review, Link CLOs, and Submit
Previewing for accuracy before publication.
View Tutorial
Using the Editor
Creating links and tables, special characters like the accented é in San José State University.
View Tutorial