SJSU iSchool GSS Tutorials

Hints for Success!

  • Do not copy/paste content from Word, Excel, Googles Docs, or any other application.
    It can make the syllabus fail accessibility requirements. This is especially true for TABLES which cause many accessibility failures.
  • Use only Firefox or Chrome browsers; Microsoft products are not supported.
  • Use the application buttons, not the browser back and reload buttons (except in Preview mode).
  • Use shift-return to go to the next line if you do not want a new paragraph.
  • Use the logout button in the application.
  • Review step 1 for 2-Factor Authentication to understand the login process.
  • Review step 2 for Textbook Selection before beginning.
  • Look at approved Syllabi to get an idea of required content.
  • Check the changing GSS FAQ for answers.

Below are links to tutorials with to assist iSchool faculty in the use of the Syllabus Self-Service application (GSS).

2-Factor Authentication
Tutorial on understanding HTPASSWD layer.
View Tutorial
Security and Access
Tutorial on creating your account and logging in
View Tutorial
Selecting Textbooks
Also when to combine syllabi and when not to combine disparate syllabi.
View Tutorial
Creating Syllabi
Using a past syllabus or a template.
View Tutorial
Review, Link CLOs, and Submit
Previewing for accuracy before publication.
View Tutorial
Using the Editor
Creating links and tables, special characters like the accented é in San José State University.
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