Security & Access: New User Accounts

This tutorial will walk you through the process of signing into GSS as a new user.

If you have forgotten your login/password, see the tutorial for recovering your account, Resetting your password

New User Notification Email

New users will receive an email containing their login name for the GSS system.

When you receive this information, follow the link to the GSS portal login page.

HTPASSWD Security Layer

The iSchool has instituted two-step authentication to its secure cms applications (both the GSS Syllabi Self-Service and the Faculty Pages applications). At the GSS portal login page, you will encounter an authentication box:

HTPASSWD layer screenshot

The HTPASSWD login changes each semester and is sent to you by the iSchool's web technologist.


To access the GSS application, use the personal iSchool userid and login sent to you by email.

GSS portal login screenshot

Important Notice #1: If you enter an incorrect password 3 times, the account is automatically blocked and the "request new password link" is disabled. So, if you get "invalid data" error message, the time to use the reset is right after that bad input. Clicking the button repeatedly will block the account.

Important Notice #2: University policy requires passwords to expire after 180 days. When you set a permanent password, make a calendar entry to reset it before 180 days have passed.

Congratulations! You are now logged into the GSS system.