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These Web pages are a resource for students enrolled in LIBR 202, Information Retrieval. The outline below lists the major topics covered in the class; the material may be used by your instructor as required reading for a specific topic, as an introduction, as a review, or as an optional supplement to the material presented in class.

The outline is linked to overviews of each topic with a list of key concepts; tutorials, PowerPoint slides, handouts, and other materials may also be present. The "More" link may lead you to examples and other information. This Web site is always under construction, with contributions from all of the 202 instructors; some parts will be richer than other parts. If you find broken links or other outdated material, please let a 202 instructor know so that we can fix it. We'll also welcome information about other useful resources on these topics.


To the class
To Information Retrieval


An introduction to databases and DB/TextWorks
Basic database concepts and DB/TextWorks
Data structures in DB/TextWorks
Creating a database with DB/TextWorks
Creating a database with DB/TextWorks—Elluminate Tutorial
How to send a DB/TextWorks database as an attachment
How to insert files from DB/TextWorks into a Word document
Using examples of DB/Textworks databases as evidence for the ePortfolio (LIBR 289)

Information Retrieval System Users

Information-seeking behavior

ASK (Belkin)
Information seeking as a construction process (Kuhlthau)
Sense-making (Dervin)

Searching and querying IR systems (need surrogates)

Analytic strategies
Browsing strategies

Information Retrieval Systems

How information retrieval systems work

Representation of information-bearing entities (document surrogates)

Description of the work
Representation of subject content
Overview of subject representation
Natural language
Classification schemes
Controlled vocabularies

Evaluating IR systems

Efficiency: response time
Effectiveness: relevance judgment, precision and recall

System design

File structures
Inverted files [PDF: 12 pages]
Interface design

Advanced IR features and trends

Relevance ranking: term weights vs. hyperlink clustering
Web-based information retrieval
User profiling and relevance feedback

Supplemental Reading

Supplemental Reading for Libr 202

Textbook Chapters: Marchionini and Meadow

Marchionini and Meadow Textbook Chapters for Libr 202