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LIBR 203 - Online Social Networking: Technology and Tools - Fall 2011

This one-unit course is an introduction to the tools and skills students will need to be successful in their work at SJSU's School of Library and Information Science. Only students in their first semester can take LIBR 203.

Note: SLIS will enroll students in LIBR 203. Students do not self-enroll on MySJSU. See below for dates.


  1. Beginning May 24, 2011: As directed on the New Student Checklist, new students should submit this form to receive information about their Desire2Learn (D2L) account and trigger enrollment in LIBR 203: D2L account request form

    Information about Desire2Learn accounts will be sent to students who have submitted this form.
  2. June 20-29: SLIS office staff will enroll students in LIBR 203 on MySJSU. Students who submit the form by June 20 will be included in this initial enrollment group. Notifications of enrollment will be sent via MySJSU messaging. Each student should receive an e-mail alert when a message has been posted but students should also login to MySJSU and check for messages and account updates with payment information for this class.

    Students who submit their intent to attend prior to June 20 and are not enrolled by June 30 should contact Gina Lee.
  3. Enrollments will continue through July and August as form submissions are received.
  4. July 27: Students will receive instructions from their LIBR 203 instructor about how to begin LIBR 203. Instructions will be sent via MySJSU messaging.
  5. August 1: LIBR 203 course sites become available. Students are strongly encouraged to begin the course work prior to the official start of the semester in order to better prepare for their other classes.
  6. August 24: Fall semester officially begins. All new students should be 1) registered in LIBR 203 on MySJSU and 2) enrolled in the course site on Desire2Learn.
  7. September 2: Deadline for assignments for the first three modules (Learning Management System, Social Networking , and Technology Tools)
  8. September 21: LIBR 203 course completion deadline. This deadline is firm. Students who do not successfully complete the course by this date will have a hold placed on their registration for the next semester.


If you have questions about your intent to attend form submission or your Desire2Learn account, contact Dale David.

If you have questions about your enrollment in MySJSU, contact Gina Lee.

Other questions about LIBR 203? Contact Debbie Faires.