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LIBR 240-10
Information Technology Tools and Applications: Web Site Design and Programming
Fall 2011 Instructions

Linda Main
Office: Clark Hall 420B (San José) 
Phone: 408-924-2494
Office Hours: Virtually by e-mail, in person by appointment

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Please read the following ten points carefully. Please read all ten points

1. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Adobe Flash, RealPlayer

Windows users will have to have Internet Explorer 8 or 9 and Firefox 4.x on your computer prior to the beginning of the class. Mac users should have the latest versions of Safari and Firefox .

You will also need the free Real Player (latest version) and a free Flash player (latest version). Be sure to updae to the latest versions.


2. Course Materials

Material will be posted each week on D2L. We will also be using a restricted Web server. The D2L site will open on the 24th August. You will be automatically enrolled into the site. You will also be sent passwords for the restricted Web server via my.sjsu.edu.

3. Assignments

There are twelve weekly assignments (60 points). Each assignment is worth five points. You will start out with the five points for each assignment. If everything is done correctly you will keep your five points. If something is missing or not working I will deduct points. Points will not be rounded up.

4. Final Project Grading

For the final Project you will start with zero and I will award points. Points will not be rounded up.

5. Final Exam

There will be one final exam run via D2L. The exam will be on the 3rd December and will run via D2L between 10am-10:30am PST. Points will not be rounded up.

6. Late Assignments

It is important to keep up with the weekly assignments. I will not accept late weekly assignments.

7. Student Coursework

We will be building Web sites that are targeted towards a Web 2.0 world. Although each student must learn all the tools and technologies there will be talking points and discussion forums on the applications of the technologies. There will also be a coding junkie forum where students can help each other problem solve.

8. Handouts

Handouts will be in Microsoft Word for Windows format and may include screenshots. Make sure that you have Microsoft Word on your computer. If not please acquire it.

9. Computer Literacy

I will assume that you have some degree of comfort with your computer.

If you do not know how to download files and install them on your computer this is not the class for you. If you do not know how to set up a directory or folder on your computer this is not the class for you. I will not be dealing with those things.

10. Weekly Handouts and Recommended Textbooks

Supporting handouts and lectures will be provided each week. Students often also like to obtain a book. There are many available and you should find something you like. Make sure that it covers XHTML, HTML5, and CSS.

See my recommendations by going to:
http://slisapps.sjsu.edu/gss/textbooks/fall2011.php and pulling up my section of the class Libr 240-10

Also look in the SLIS eBookstore under Libr 240.

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