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Dr. Judy Weedman

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ANSI Web site:
Select from the "About ANSI" menu.

ANSI/NISO Z39.19 - 2003 Guidelines for the Construction, Format, and Management of Monolingual Thesauri. PDF files available for download from:

ANSI/NISO Z39.85 - 2001 Dublin Core Metadata Element Set. PDF files available for download from:
see also the description of the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative.

Barnes, Barbara, et al. (1998). Generalized software requirements to access thesauri and classification schemes for use-based image collections. In Elin K. Jacob (Ed.), Proceedings of the 9th ASIS SIG/CR Classification Research Workshop. Silver Spring, MD: ASIS SIG/CR. available from SLIS electronic reserves.

Bates, Marcia (2002, July). After the dot-bomb: Getting web information
retrieval right this time. First Monday. Retrieved August 2003 from

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Bowker, Geoffrey C. and S. Leigh Starr (1999). Sorting Things Out; Classification & Its Consequences. MIT Press.
(The book is available from for $13.97.)

Canadian Heritage Information Network (2002-2004). Standards. Retrieved August 10, 2004, from

Canadian Heritage Information Network (2002-2004). Vocabulary Standards and Classification Schemes. Retrieved August 10, 2004 , from

Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (information about the initiative itself)
see also the element set from ANSI/NISO.

Farrow, John F. A cognitive process model of document indexing. Journal of Documentation 47, 149-166.

Getty Web site: Vocabulary Program and Standards Program and

Getty Tutorial on vocabularies, and as much of the rest of the Introduction to Vocabularies as you wish

Getty: Categories for the Description of Works of Art. See Introduction at
And especially see the crosswalk to other metadata standards at

Jorgensen, Corinne (2003).Organizing and providing access to images. In Image retrieval: Theory and research (pp. 69-138). Lanham, MD: Scarecrow Press.

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Lancaster, F. W. (1986). Vocabulary Control for Information Retrieval, 2nd ed. Arlington, VA: Information Resources Press.

NISO Web site:

NISO TR02-1997 Guidelines for Indexes and Related Information Retrieval Devices by James D. Anderson. PDF files available for download from:
also in stacks at SJSU: Z695.9 G77 1977
also in Reference at CSUF: Z695.9 A53 1997 (non-circ)

Rowland, Marilyn J. (2000). Plunging in: Creating a web site index for an online newsletter. In Brenner, Diane and Rowland, Marilyn, Beyond Book Indexing. Medford, NJ.: Information Today, 59-68.

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Rice chapter HTML corrections:

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Schroeder, Sandi (2003). Software for indexing. Medford, N.J.: American Society of Indexers. (2003). Faceted Metadata Search and Browse. Retrieved August 10, 2004 , from

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Shatford, Sara (1986). Analyzing the subject of a picture: A theoretical approach.Cataloging and Classification quarterly, 6, 39-62.

sigia-L. sponsored by ASIST special interest group for Information Architecture (web design); go to > email discussion groups > sigia-L.

Visual Resources Association

Visual Resources Association Core Categories

Weedman, Judith (2000). Local Practice and the Growth of Knowledge: Decisions in Subject Access to Digitized Databases. In Albrechtsen Hanne and Mai Eric-Jens (Eds.) Advances in Classification Research 10.

Will, Leonard D. (2004). Software for building and editing thesauri. Retrieved January 28, 2005, from

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