MLIS Courses and Core Competencies

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Students: Faculty members include a competency in the syllabus if the majority of the work in the class supports that competency, even if other competencies are related. Please note that you may use an artifact (assignment) from any class to support any competency as long as it effectively demonstrates your competency in that area. In other words, artifacts (assignments) can often apply to a range of competencies, even if the competencies are not listed on a syllabus. Therefore, it is often not necessary to take a whole class just to meet a particular competency. See the FAQs in the 289 Handbook for more information:

For students who entered the program from Spring 2015, please see the following information about Competency O:

NOTE: Course content changes from time to time. As courses change, core competencies (program learning outcomes) and course learning outcomes are revised to reflect current standards.

Competency I has been amalgamated with J. Classes that referenced COMP I will apply to COMP J.

Prior to Fall 2014:
INFO 200 supported: A B C L,
INFO 202 supported: E G J,
INFO 204 supported: D M N
Between 2014-Spring 2019
INFO 200 supported: A C I J L M
INFO 202 supported: E G
INFO 204 supported: B D M N
Fall 2019 –
INFO 200 supports: C F H J K L M O
INFO 202 supports: E F G H
INFO 204 supports: A B D M N

Students are encouraged to consult the actual syllabus for courses completed in support of core compentencies (program learning outcomes). Search for syllabi here: Search GSS

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