Last 60 semester / 90 quarter unit Admissions GPA Estimator

SJSU iSchool applicants who need assistance estimating their last 60 semester / 90 quarter unit GPA may use this optional estimator.

If your overall GPA is 3.0 or greater, you do not have to calculate your last 60/90.

Only academic course work from regionally accredited colleges/universities can be included in SJSU GAPE admissions GPA calculations. A transcript notes both accreditation and academic/professional development/continuing education course work. Do not include course work from professional development / CEU courses in your estimate.

Enter all course grades for your last 60 semester or 90 quarter units. This must add up to 60 Semester Weighted Units at the bottom of the page. Do not enter Credit/No Credit courses.

If the 60th semester/90th quarter unit falls in the middle of the semester, the whole semester is included in the GPA calculation. Please note that when counting the last 60 semester / 90 quarter units, do not split semesters. For example, when counting backward and you arrive at 58 units, you will count all of the units for the entire next semester even if it goes over the 60 semester / 90 quarter units.

Course Name Term Type Grade Earned Units Year Taken

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