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Spring 2015 Special Session Schedule

Classes begin: 2015-01-22
Classes end: 2015-05-13
Spring Recess: March 23-27, 2015
Cesar Chavez Day: March 31, 2015

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Important: Classes start on the first day of school unless stated differently in the Notes below.

All classes are online and 3 units unless otherwise stated.

Additional course information may be available on instructor syllabi from prior semesters. View the list of course web pages. Please check this information before e-mailing instructors.

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The following courses have multiple sections with different topics: 210, 220, 246, 250, 267, 271A, 281, 282, 284, 285, 287. Select a course to view topic choices, then click search to display results.

Catalog Nbr Course Title Class Number Instructor Mandatory
Intensive Note
Libr200-10  Information Communities 29466Liu, Z.     
Libr200-11  Information Communities 29467Boyd     
Libr200-12  Information Communities 29468Stephens     
Libr200-13  Information Communities 29469Hagar     
Libr200-14  Information Communities 29470Bontenbal  Intensive format: 1/22-3/13 note for 200-14:  See more information about intensives
Libr200-15  Information Communities 29471Walter     
Libr200-16  Information Communities 29472Tash     
Libr200-17  Information Communities 29473Bontenbal     
Libr200-18  Information Communities 30068Tash     
Libr202-10  Information Retrieval System Design 29474Rebmann     
Libr202-11  Information Retrieval System Design 29475Rebmann     
Libr202-12  Information Retrieval System Design 29476Tucker Participate in course orientation seminar on Monday, January 26, 6-7pm PT.    
Libr202-13  Information Retrieval System Design 29477Scott     
Libr202-14  Information Retrieval System Design 29478San Nicolas-Rocca     
Libr202-15  Information Retrieval System Design 29479Scott     
Libr202-16  Information Retrieval System Design 29480Scott     
Libr202-17  Information Retrieval System Design 29481Chen     
Libr203-00  Online Learning: Tools and Strategies for Success  Faires     
Libr204-10  Information Professions 29499Alman     
Libr204-11  Information Professions 29500Alman  Intensive format: 3/16-5/13 note for 204-11:  See more information about intensives
Libr204-12  Information Professions 29501Boyd     
Libr204-13  Information Professions 29502Disher     
Libr204-14  Information Professions 29507Boyd     
Libr204-15  Information Professions 29508Stenstrom     
Libr204-16  Information Professions 29509Stenstrom     
Libr210-10  Reference and Information Services 29513Simmons     
Libr210-11  Reference and Information Services 29514Simmons     
Libr210-12  Reference and Information Services 29516Simmons     
Libr220-10  Resources and Information Services in Professions and Disciplines 29519Bodart 2/11; 3/11; 3/18; 4/8; 4/22; 4/25 (All from 6:30-9pm PT). When we have guest speakers or when you play an active role in a student-led book discussion, synchronous attendance is mandatory. Other classes will be required asynchronous only.  topic: Readers Advisory Genres and Techniques
Libr220-11  Resources and Information Services in Professions and Disciplines 29520Greenberg    topic: Consumer Health Librarianship (1 unit)
note for 220-11:  (1 unit) Runs from January 22nd-February 20th
Libr220-12  Resources and Information Services in Professions and Disciplines 29522Dickey    topic: Music Librarianship (1 unit)
note for 220-12:  (1 unit) Runs from February 20th-March 20th
Libr230-10  Issues in Academic Libraries 29523Gilman     
Libr231-10  Issues in Special Libraries and Information Centers 29510Megaridis     
Libr233-10  School Library Media Centers 29511Harlan     
Libr237-10  School Library Media Materials 29512Harlan     
Libr240-10  Information Technology Tools and Applications 29515Dean     
Libr240-11  Information Technology Tools and Applications 29517Dean     
Libr240-12  Information Technology Tools and Applications 29518Parsons     
Libr242-10  Database Management 29521Liu, G.
  • Orientation: 1/25 9:00-11:45am
  • One-hour group meeting: 2/14-15 (signup between 9:00-4:00pm)
  • Lab sessions: 3/15 & 4/12 9:00--11:45am
Libr244-10  Online Searching 29524Tucker Participate in two seminars: (1) choose either Monday, March 16, 6-7:30pm PT, or Thursday, March 19, 6-7:30pm PT; (2) choose either Monday, May 4, 6-7:30pm PT, or Thursday, May 7, 6-7:30pm PT.   
Libr244-11  Online Searching 29525Tucker Participate in two seminars: (1) choose either Wednesday, March 18, 6-7:30pm PT, or Saturday, March 21, 9-10:30am PT; (2) choose either Wednesday, May 6, 6-7:30pm PT, or Saturday, May 9, 9-10:30am PT.   
Libr246-10  Information Technology Tools and Applications — Advanced 29526Liu, G.
  • Orientation: 1/24 9:00-11:45am
  • Lab Session: 1/31 9:00-11:45am
  • One-hour tutoring: 2/28, 3/14, 4/4, 4/18 (signup between 9:00-4:00pm)
  topic: Text/Data Mining
Libr246-11  Information Technology Tools and Applications — Advanced 29528Perry    topic: JavaScript/jQuery
Libr246-12  Information Technology Tools and Applications — Advanced 29529Dean    topic: Learning to use Drupal and Understanding Content Management Systems
Libr246-13  Information Technology Tools and Applications — Advanced 29532Chen    topic: Information Visualization
Libr247-10  Vocabulary Design 29536Zhang, L.     
Libr248-10  Beginning Cataloging and Classification 29537Bolin     
Libr248-11  Beginning Cataloging and Classification 29539Bolin     
Libr248-12  Beginning Cataloging and Classification 29541Bolin     
Libr250-10  Design and Implementation of Instructional Strategies for Information Professionals 29544Loertscher Tuesdays: 1/27, 2/10, 2/24, 3/10, 3/31, 4/14, 4/28 (All from 5:30-7:30pm PT)  topic: Instructional Design K-12 Focus
Libr250-11  Design and Implementation of Instructional Strategies for Information Professionals 29547Kovacs    topic: Instructional Design Non K-12 Focus
Libr254-10  Information Literacy and Learning 29552Simmons Students are required to be active participants in synchronous Collaborate sessions on ONE of the following dates:
  • Monday, 5/4 from 7-9:15 PM PT
  • Wednesday, 5/6 from 7-9:15 PM PT
  • Thursday, 5/7 from 7-9:15 PM PT
  • Saturday, 5/9 from 7-9:15 AM PT
  • Sunday, 5/10 from 7-9:15 PM PT
Please note that if we have fewer than 35 students enrolled, we will cancel one or more of the sessions listed above.
Libr256-10  Archives and Manuscripts 29553Lawrimore     
Libr256-11  Archives and Manuscripts 29555Lindberg     
Libr257-10  Records Management 29557de Lorenzo     
Libr259-10  Preservation Management 29560Skinner     
Libr260A-10  Programming and Services for Children 29563Wrenn-Estes Monday, February 23rd (6:30-9pm PT) and Monday, May 4th (6:30-9pm PT)   
Libr261A-10  Programming and Services for Young Adults 29564Bernier     
Libr263-10  Materials for Children 29565Wrenn-Estes Wednesday, March 4th (6:30-9pm PT) and Wednesday, APril 29th (6:30-9pm PT)   
Libr264-10  Materials for Tweens 29568Wrenn-Estes Thursday, March 12th (6:30-9pm PT) and Thurdsay, April 16th (6:30-9pm PT)   
Libr266-10  Collection Management 29571Loertscher Tuesdays: 2/3, 2/17, 3/3, 3/17, 4/7, 4/21, 5/5 (All from 5:30-7:30pm PT)   
Libr266-11  Collection Management 29572Disher     
Libr267-10  Seminar in Services to Children and Young Adults 29573Pershing    topic: Graphic Novels
note for 267-10:  (1 unit) Runs from January 22nd-February 20th
Libr267-11  Seminar in Services to Children and Young Adults 29580Wrenn-Estes Tuesday, February 24th (6:30-9pm PT) and Tuesday, April 21st (6:30-9pm PT)  topic: Intellectual Freedom - YA
Libr275-10  Library Services for Racially and Ethnically Diverse Communities 29583Liu, Z.     
Libr280-10  History of Books and Libraries 29527Main    note for 280-10:  Instructors: Main and Hansen
Libr281-10  Seminar in Contemporary Issues 29530Brown    topic: Marketing Your LIS Skills in a Networked and Changing World (2 units)
note for 281-10:  (1 unit) Runs from March 30th-April 27th
Libr281-11  Seminar in Contemporary Issues 29531Bolin    topic: Metadata
Libr281-12  Seminar in Contemporary Issues 29533Givens    topic: Information Privacy (1 unit)
note for 281-12:  (1 unit) Runs from January 22nd-February 20th
Libr281-13  Seminar in Contemporary Issues 29534Loertscher Wednesdays: 1/28, 2/11, 2/25, 3/11, 4/1, 4/15, 4/29 (All from 5:30-7:30pm PT)  topic: Building Learning Commons
Libr281-14  Seminar in Contemporary Issues 29535Sellar There will be one mandatory synchronous session early on in the course. The dates and times of that session will be worked out with students during the first week of class.  topic: Examination of global library issues using project based learning (2 units)
note for 281-14:  (2 units) Runs from February 23rd-April 30th
See more information about this class.
Libr282-10  Seminar in Library Management 29538Gaffney    topic: Financial Management (1 unit)
note for 282-10:  (1 unit) Runs from February 20th-March 20th
Libr282-11  Seminar in Library Management 29540Mackenzie    topic: Human Resources Management (1 unit)
note for 282-11:  (1 unit) Runs from March 30th-April 27th
Libr282-12  Seminar in Library Management 29542Wong, P.    topic: Grant Writing
Libr282-13  Seminar in Library Management 29543Chen    topic: Project Management
Libr284-10  Seminar in Archives and Records Management 29545Scott    topic: Digitization and Digital Preservation
Libr284-11  Seminar in Archives and Records Management 29546Gleason    topic: Managing Photographic Collections
Libr284-12  Seminar in Archives and Records Management 29549Winget    topic: Digital Curation
Libr284-13  Seminar in Archives and Records Management 29551Lindberg    topic: Encoded Archival Description (EAD)
Libr285-10  Research Methods in Library and Information Science 29554Cervone    topic: General overview of the frequently used research methods in library and information practice More 285 Topic Information
Libr285-11  Research Methods in Library and Information Science 29556Bernier Three (3) mandatory sessions:
  • Monday 16 February (5-8PM Pacific)
  • Monday 16 March (5-8PM Pacific)
  • Monday 30 March (5-8PM Pacific)
  topic: Youth Services More 285 Topic Information
Libr285-12  Research Methods in Library and Information Science 29558Rebmann    topic: Ethnography with a focus on technology More 285 Topic Information
Libr285-13  Research Methods in Library and Information Science 29559Jefferson  Intensive format: 3/16-5/13 topic: Action Research
note for 285-13:  See more information about intensives More 285 Topic Information
Libr285-14  Research Methods in Library and Information Science 29561Stenstrom    topic: Evaluating Programs and Services More 285 Topic Information
Libr285-15  Research Methods in Library and Information Science 29562Dickey    topic: Historical Research More 285 Topic Information
Libr287-10  Seminar in Information Science 29566Stephens  Intensive format: 1/22-3/13 topic: The Hyperlinked Library: Emerging Trends, Emerging Technologies
note for 287-10:  See more information about intensives
Libr287-11  Seminar in Information Science 29567Schmidt, A.    topic: User Experience
Libr287-12  Seminar in Information Science 29569Harris, M.    topic: Innovation and Participatory Practice in Libraries (to include Maker Spaces)
Libr287-13  Seminar in Information Science 29570Weissmann    topic: Children and Information Technology
Libr289-10  Advanced Topics in Library and Information Science (e-portfolio) 29574Main     
Libr294-10  Professional Experience: Internships 29575Fisher, B.    note for 294-10:  (2 units)
Libr294-11  Professional Experience: Internships 29576Fisher, B.    note for 294-11:  (3 units)
Libr294-12  Professional Experience: Internships 29577Fisher, B.    note for 294-12:  (4 units)
Libr294-13  Professional Experience: Internships 29578Lindberg    note for 294-13:  (2 units)
Libr294-14  Professional Experience: Internships 29581Lindberg    note for 294-14:  (3 units)
Libr294-15  Professional Experience: Internships 29582Lindberg    note for 294-15:  (4 units)
Libr294-16  Professional Experience: Internships 29584Franks    note for 294-16:  (2 units)
Libr294-17  Professional Experience: Internships 29586Franks    note for 294-17:  (3 units)
Libr294-18  Professional Experience: Internships 29587Franks    note for 294-18:  (4 units)
Libr295-10  School Library Field Work 29594Harlan     
Libr298-10  Special Studies 29595All Faculty    note for 298-10:  (1 unit)
Libr298-11  Special Studies 29596All Faculty    note for 298-11:  (2 units)
Libr298-12  Special Studies 29597All Faculty    note for 298-12:  (3 units)
Libr298-13  Special Studies 29598Faires    note for 298-13:  (3 units) Only for WISE students
Libr298-14  Special Studies 29599Reid, A.    note for 298-14:  (3 units) Only for students taking Collaborate Peer Mentoring
Libr298-15  Special Studies 29600Faires    note for 298-15:  (3 units) Only for students taking 203 peer mentoring with Debbie Faires
Libr299-10  Thesis 29602All Faculty