iSchool Open Classes Student Checklist – Fall 2024

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iSchool Open Classes Students Checklist
Preparing for iSchool Open Classes
Access to and fees
When added to the class by the Registrar you will receive a message from that office with instructions on how to access one.SJSU. As a first time user, you must Set Your Password before you can log in. Accounts have been created for all current faculty, staff and students. Your SJSUOne account is automatically created and removed based on MySJSU records. Fees are $525 per unit MLIS/MARA and $575 per unit for MS in INFM. You will have 21 days from the date of registration (Fall or Spring), or 15 days (Summer) to pay your fees. Locate payment deadlines in the "Finances" section of your MySJSU Student Center Web page. The University does not send bills or reminders for payment. Make sure to check on MySJSU for fees and due dates. If you do not pay on time, you may be dropped from your classes. Keep in mind that the drop deadline has nothing to do with refunds! For refund policy, including prorated fees owed, based on the date dropped, see: If you drop your classes after the refund deadline, or during the prorated refund period, you would still owe tuition for the classes you were enrolled in. Visit the Bursar's site to learn about methods of payment.

At some point after you are enrolled SJSU will generate a university email for you. Once it is created, it will automatically become your preferred email address for university communications. Login to your new email address. It is very important that you check it regularly before your class(es) begin and during the semester, or set up forwarding to a personal email address (Learn about this by seeing SJSU's Email, Calendar, and Google Suite page and scrolling down to the FAQs).

Update your home computing environment to meet the standards required by the school. Review technology literacy requirements. Two Factor Authentication: As of Spring 2021, students taking iSchool classes will be required to have a smartphone that supports the free DUO Mobile App for two factor authentication login to the one.SJSU portal.
Obtain your textbooks. Six weeks prior to the beginning of semester you will be able to find out what textbooks (if any) are required for your classes.
If you need course adaptations or accommodations because of a disability, register with the Accessible Education Center (AEC) as soon as possible. The AEC will communicate with your instructor(s) at the start of the semester. See iSchool Accessibility Policy for more information.
Beginning of the Semester
Canvas is our School's Learning Management System. You can access Canvas from the menu at the top of the School's webpage. You will be sent login information for Canvas by email from the iSchool. Once you log in to Canvas you will see tools for learning to use Canvas. If you log in before the first day, you will not be able to see your class. You will automatically be joined to the Canvas site, "Self Paced Technology Preparation Course," which contains four self-paced modules covering Canvas basics, technology skills, the Zoom web-conferencing tool and tutorials from the SJSU King library. (*Your course syllabus will note if your class will meet in the Zoom web conferencing platform).

SJSU policy states that students must be active in their course sites within the first day of instruction of a class, or have contacted the instructor in the first 48 hours after the first day of instruction, or the student is at risk of being dropped from the class.

As an Open University student, you will need to contact the iSchool if you need to drop a class. Contact Sheila Gurtu immediately if you need to drop. You will receive a 100% refund, only if you drop before the first day of classes. You will not be able to drop the course through MySJSU.