Fall 2023 MS in Informatics Session I Schedule

Classes begin: 2023-08-07
Classes end: 2023-10-01
Labor Day: September 4, 2023
Session Break: October 2 - 8, 2023

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Course Title Class Number Instructor Mandatory
Infm200-10 Informatics Fundamentals 49944Kaltenbacher Note for INFM 200-10:
3 units
Infm200-11 Informatics Fundamentals 50167Morgan, L. Note for INFM 200-11:
3 units
Infm201-10 Informatics Technology Foundations 49945Benoit Note for INFM 201-10:
2 units
Infm201-11 Informatics Technology Foundations 50834Benoit Note for INFM 201-11:
2 units
Infm202-10 Information Security Overview 49946Benoit Note for INFM 202-10:
1 unit
Infm202-11 Information Security Overview 50835Benoit Note for INFM 202-11:
1 unit
Infm211-10 Informatics Culminating Project 49947Kaltenbacher Note for INFM 211-10:
3 units
Runs from August 7th - October 15th (10 weeks)
Infm284-10 Seminar in Informatics 49948Cervone Topic:
Health Care Organization and Policy (for informatics professionals) – 3 units