Fall 2021 MS in Informatics Session II Schedule

Classes begin: 2021-10-11
Classes end: 2021-12-06
Veterans Day: November 11, 2021
Thanksgiving Holiday: November 25-26, 2021

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All classes are online and 3 units unless otherwise stated.

Additional course information may be available on instructor syllabi from prior semesters. View the list of course web pages. Please check this information before e-mailing instructors.

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Course Title Class Number Instructor Mandatory
Infm203-10 Big Data Analytics and Management Mules note for 203-10:
(2 units)
Infm204-10 Human Centered Design Tucker note for 204-10:
(2 units)
Infm205-10 Informatics Project Management Gaffney note for 205-10:
(2 units)
Infm216-10 Computer Digital Forensics San Nicolas-Rocca note for 216-10:
(3 units)
Infm217-10 Tools Lab San Nicolas-Rocca note for 217-10:
(3 units)