Summer 2024 BSISDA: Special Session Schedule

Classes begin: 2024-06-03
Classes end: 2024-08-09
Juneteenth: Wednesday, June 19, 2024
Independence Day: Thursday, July 4, 2024

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Important: Classes start on the first day of school unless stated differently in the Note field.

Units for Infomation Science and Data Analytics classes are listed in the Note field.
All classes are online.

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Course Title Class Number Instructor Mandatory
Isda20A-10 Query Languages 30596Torres
all syllabi
Note for ISDA 20A-10:
1 unit
Runs from July 1st - July 26th
Isda20B-10 Python Programming 30424Jain
all syllabi
Note for ISDA 20B-10:
2 units
Runs from June 3rd - July 22nd
Isda20C-10 Web Development 30425McCarthy
all syllabi
Note for ISDA 20C-10:
1 unit
Runs from June 10th - July 8th
Isda20D-10 Computer Operating Systems 30426Romanik
all syllabi
Note for ISDA 20D-10:
1 unit
Runs from June 3rd - June 30th