iSchool Advising
Faculty Pathway Advisors

As future information professionals, graduate students are encouraged to do their pre-planning homework, using the career development resources and Advising Toolkit, to set and measure their program and career goals.

Choose Your Faculty Advisor Based On Your Interests

1. Choose a Faculty Pathway Advisor

Pathway Advisors can discuss skill sets with you that can be used in a broad range of environments; others can also discuss an actual environment. They will be happy to tell you what they do and what skill sets will help you move into the field and/or environment in which they work.

Faculty Pathway Advisors are organized by academic specialties within LIS and can answer questions about planning a career in their LIS expertise area. They do not advise on administrative issues. See Student Services Team for help with those areas.

Or 2. Choose a Generalist Faculty Advisor

All students must start with INFO 200, INFO 202, INFO 203, INFO 204. As you complete these courses you will start to think about your interests and electives. If you are unsure about your career path, or are interested in multiple career pathways, you may contact one of the generalist advisors for advice, who has a broad knowledge of the MLIS curriculum and offerings: