Professional Experience: Internship

Student Application Form

Please complete this application form to apply for a INFO 294 or a MARA 294 internship. Before submitting this application, carefully read the INFO 294 Student Handbook or the MARA 294 Student Handbook. All pre-requisites must be completed prior to the semester of the internship. For INFO 294, you must have completed INFO 200, INFO 202, INFO 203, INFO 204, 9 units of electives, and be in good academic standing [3.0 GPA or above with no outstanding incompletes] to enroll in INFO 294. There are no prerequisites to INFO 294 for students in the Post-Master's Certificate program (PMCP). For MARA 294, you must be in your last semester in the MARA program and be in good academic standing (3.0 GPA or above with no outstanding incompletes).

You are responsible for finding and applying for an internship in a timely manner, staying within the published iSchool dates and deadlines for registration and for adding or dropping courses. It is highly recommended that you identify an internship, apply to the internship site, and submit this application form at least 4–6 weeks in advance of the instruction start date for the semester of the internship

This application will be reviewed by the appropriate internship faculty supervisor, who will contact you to let you know the internship is approved and you are accepted into the course. MARA students will automatically be registered for the 3-credit MARA 294 course. INFO 294 students must self-register through MySJSU. See the class schedules for the correct section number and the 5 digit class number. Please be aware there are separate sections of the INFO 294 internship class depending on number of units, whether you are regular or special session, and for each internship supervisor (for archival/records or non–archival internships). Please make sure to register for the appropriate section to avoid the add/drop process and insure you get your units for your internship.

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I have read through the 294 student checklist.
I have read the appropriate 294 student handbook:
INFO 294 Student Handbook or the MARA 294 Student Handbook

Note: Student must select from the following list of approved iSchool internships. If the student is in the process of setting up a new internship that is not listed, they must wait until the internship has been approved and entered into the database before submitting this application form.

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