Summer 2019 MLIS Special Session Schedule

Classes begin: 2019-06-03
Classes end: 2019-08-09
Independence Day: Thursday, July 4, 2019

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Important: Classes start on the first day of school unless stated differently in the Notes below.

All classes are online and 3 units unless otherwise stated.

Additional course information may be available on instructor syllabi from prior semesters. View the list of course web pages. Please check this information before e-mailing instructors.

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The following courses have multiple sections with different topics: 210, 220, 241, 246, 250, 267, 281, 282, 284, 285, 287, 298. Select a course to view topic choices, then click search to display results.

Course Title Class Number Instructor Mandatory
Info200-10 Information Communities 30378Tash
Info202-10 Information Retrieval System Design 30379Zhang, M.
Info202-11 Information Retrieval System Design 30380Zhang, M.
Info204-10 Information Professions 30381Disher
Info204-11 Information Professions 30382Boyd
Info204-12 Information Professions 30383Gaffney
Info210-10 Reference and Information Services 30384Tunon topic:
General - Three (3) Unit Version
Info210-11 Reference and Information Services 30385Tunon topic:
General - Three (3) Unit Version
Info210-12 Reference and Information Services 30813Macek topic:
General - Three (3) Unit Version
Info220-10 Resources and Information Services in Professions and Disciplines 30386Goldman 6/3 (6-8pm PT) topic:
Film & Media Collections
Info220-11 Resources and Information Services in Professions and Disciplines 30387Greenblatt topic:
LGBTIQ Resources and Services
Info220-12 Resources and Information Services in Professions and Disciplines 30388Saylor topic:
Data Services in Libraries
note for 220-12:
(Instructors: Saylor and Woodbrook) See more information about this class.
Info231-10 Issues in Special Libraries and Information Centers 30389Megaridis
Info237-10 School Library Media Materials 30390Rothman
Info240-10 Information Technology Tools and Applications 30391Dean
Info240-11 Information Technology Tools and Applications 30392Dean
Info244-10 Online Searching 30393Steiner
Info246-10 Information Technology Tools and Applications — Advanced 30394Jumba topic:
Web 2.0 and Social Media
Info246-11 Information Technology Tools and Applications — Advanced 30395Perry topic:
MySQL In Depth
Info247-10 Vocabulary Design 30396Zhang, L.
Info248-10 Beginning Cataloging and Classification 30397Bolin
Info248-11 Beginning Cataloging and Classification 30398Bolin
Info248-12 Beginning Cataloging and Classification 30399Cotton
Info250-10 Design and Implementation of Instructional Strategies for Information Professionals 30400Loertscher 6/4, 6/11, 6/18, 7/2, 7/16, 7/30 (5:30-7:30pm PT) topic:
Instructional Design K-12 Focus
Info250-11 Design and Implementation of Instructional Strategies for Information Professionals 30401Kovacs topic:
Instructional Design Non K-12 Focus
Info256-10 Archives and Manuscripts 30402de Lorenzo
Info260A-10 Programming and Services for Children 30403Peck
Info261A-10 Programming and Services for Young Adults 30404Velasquez
Info265-10 Materials for Young Adults 30405Peck
Info266-10 Collection Management 30406Disher
Info266-11 Collection Management 30407Sloane
Info266-12 Collection Management 30808Sloane
Info275-10 Library Services for Racially and Ethnically Diverse Communities 30408Liu, Z.
Info281-10 Seminar in Contemporary Issues 30409Bolin topic:
Info281-11 Seminar in Contemporary Issues 30410Pershing topic:
Graphic Novels (1 unit)
note for 281-11:
Runs from June 5th - July 3rd
Info281-12 Seminar in Contemporary Issues 30411Bodart 6/4, 6/26, 7/17 (All sessions from 6:30-9:00pm PT in Zoom. All sessions will be recorded.) topic:
Booktalking and Booktrailering
Info281-13 Seminar in Contemporary Issues 30412Pershing topic:
Community Partnerships (1 unit)
note for 281-13:
Runs from July 8th - August 5th
Info281-14 Seminar in Contemporary Issues 30413Skinner topic:
Scholarly Communication and Publishing: Access, Intellectual Property, and Impact (2 units)
note for 281-14:
Runs from June 10th - August 5th
Info282-10 Seminar in Library Management 30414Mongelli topic:
Prison Library Management
Info282-11 Seminar in Library Management 30415Barth topic:
Workflow assessment and design in collaboration with technology teams (1 unit)
note for 282-11:
Runs from June 24th - July 22nd
Info282-12 Seminar in Library Management 30416Gaffney topic:
Project Management (2 units)
note for 282-12:
Runs from June 10th - August 5th
Info282-13 Seminar in Library Management 30417Gaffney topic:
Using Social Media for Competitive and Company Research
Info284-10 Seminar in Archives and Records Management 30418Greene topic:
Info284-11 Seminar in Archives and Records Management 30419Weaver topic:
Photographic Preservation
Info284-12 Seminar in Archives and Records Management 30420Main topic:
Medieval Manuscripts: Genres (2 units)
note for 284-12:
Runs from June 3rd - July 29th
See syllabus for more information.
Info285-10 Applied Research Methods 30421Rebmann topic:
Doing Research Online More 285 Topic Information
Info285-11 Applied Research Methods 30422Luo topic:
Research in Academic Libraries More 285 Topic Information
Info285-12 Applied Research Methods 30423Liu, G. Orientation: 6/3 (7:00-9:30pm PT) topic:
General overview of the frequently used research methods in library and information practice More 285 Topic Information
Info285-13 Applied Research Methods 30424Jefferson topic:
Action Research More 285 Topic Information
Info286-10 Interpersonal Communication Skills for Librarians 30425Alman note for 286-10:
Runs from June 10th - August 9th
Info287-10 Seminar in Information Science 30426San Nicolas-Rocca topic:
Info287-11 Seminar in Information Science 30427Zhang, L. topic:
Linked Data
note for 287-11:
Runs from June 10th - August 5th
Info287-12 Seminar in Information Science 30428Liu, Z. topic:
Digital Libraries
Info287-13 Seminar in Information Science 30429Curtin topic:
Adult Literacy
Info287-14 Seminar in Information Science 30430Hopwood topic:
STEM in Libraries
Info287-15 Seminar in Information Science 30431van Arnhem topic:
Augmented Virtual Reality (3 units)
Info287-16Seminar in Information Science Kloda topic:
Evidence Based Practice (1 unit)
note for 287-16:
Runs from July 12th - August 9th
This class has been cancelled.
Info287-17 Seminar in Information Science 30433Luo topic:
Health Literacy and Public Libraries
Info294-10 Professional Experience: Internships 30434Main note for 294-10:
(2 units)
Info294-11 Professional Experience: Internships 30435Main note for 294-11:
(3 units)
Info294-12 Professional Experience: Internships 30436Main note for 294-12:
(4 units)
Info295-10 School Library Field Work 30377Harlan
Info298-10 Special Studies 30374All Faculty note for 298-10:
(1 unit)
Info298-11 Special Studies 30375All Faculty note for 298-11:
(2 units)
Info298-12 Special Studies 30376All Faculty note for 298-12:
(3 units)